International Federation of Hard Of Hearing Young People

What is IFHOHYP?

IFHOHYP is an international non-governmental federation for national and regional youth organizations that are dedicated to hard of hearing young people throughout the world and is independent of sex, race, religion, nationality and politics. IFHOHYP was founded in 1968 under the name „International Committee of Hard of Hearing Young People.“ Later, the committee was changed to a federation. IFHOHYP is comprised of organizations from mostly European countries. Our greatest priority is improving the quality of life of hearing impaired youth worldwide and promoting equal rights for hard of hearing young people at all levels of society. IFHOHYP specializes in meeting the changing needs of hard of hearing young people. We raise disability awareness on national and international level through activities run by and for hard of hearing young people aged from 18 to 35.


Who is Hard of Hearing? 

In IFHOHYP, there are young people with different origin and different levels of hearing loss, who mainly rely on hearing aids, oral speech and lip-reading to manage their communication. Those who have become totally deaf after acquisition of speech are also included in the definition. The verbal language is sometimes supported by signs (sign language), depending on the individual’s abilities.
What is the mission of IFHOHYP?

  • IFHOHYP is committed to promoting equal rights for hard of hearing young people at all levels of the community. We believe that hard of hearing young people have the right to a good education, freedom of choice, the right to equal treatment at labour market, necessary support and technical aids they need to assimilate to life in the hearing community.
  • To encourage a better understanding of hard of hearing young people and their problems among the general public.
  • To defend the intersts of hard of hearing young people and express them towads international bodies.
  • To serve as a platform for cooperation and exchange of information between organizations of hard of hearing youth.
  • To establish links with organizations of and for hearing-impaired people, improve communication and cultural interchange between all hard of hearing young people worldwide; to receive new information from other international youth or disability organizations and provide with it hard of hearing youths in different countries.
  • To collect and make available all information on different aspects of hearing loss, on technical advances, facilities and assistive listening devices for hard of hearing people.